Antennas & Radomes
Shelters & military containers
Military transport boxes
Pointing systems
Towers for Radars
Manufacturing and Integration
Lifting legs
Laser pointing
Cooling Units
Mobility Units

  • Design and manufacture of an aluminum trailer for optronic system with a 23 meters mast with hydraulic pivoting transport with its own integrated control systems such as racks, tables, electric at Kabul (Afganistan).

  • Mechanical redesign for high gain antennas in its three axes and replacing hydraulic systems by complementing electromechanical actuators.

  • Design, manufacture and assembly in a military vehicle (PIRANHA) of liquid cooling system for cooling amplifiers 400W for extreme temperatures of -30 ⁰ C to +55 ⁰ C keeping the amps at optimal temperature between +15 ⁰ C to +35 ⁰ c automatically certified in climatic chambers and vibration. This system was made for the Spanish Marines.

  • Design and manufacture of two telescopic towersfor air navigation radar with a height of 14 meters which is collected in a 20-foot ISO container, with a hydraulic lifting system . This system is integrated in Brazil.

  • Diseño y fabricación de tres unidades móviles perturbadoras EMI y NBQ para el ejercito de Kazajstán, fabricadas en nuestras instalaciones e integradas en Kazajstán.--Design and manufacture of three mobile units and NBC EMI interference for the army of Kazakhstan, manufactured in our facilities and integrated in Kazakhstan.

  • Design, manufacture and installation of fiberglass pointing tripods systems for spacecraft, reducing motorized and manual, for the army.

  • Design and manufacture of mobile unit for border surveillance with integration of defense systems, etc, for the Republic of Kosovo

  • Design, manufacture and assembly of systems aiming for weapons, motorized satellite antennas and 1.1 and 1.7.

  • Design, manufacture and installation of mobile production unit with 14 programs and two pouches concealable cameras (the largest in Europe at the time).

  • Design, manufacture and assembly of 14 shelters and 24 trailers with 20 meter telescopic mast stainless steel mobile BTS (Amena).

These are some of our work done for companies like the Spanish Army, Indra Sistemas, Indra Espacio, Indra Aranjuez, Brazilian Army, Amena, Thales ... etc. Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us your ideas, we study, we design and make it happen.

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